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Tradescantia albiflora 'Nanouk' Care

Most Tradescantia originated naturally in Mexico, Central America, and South America. In the 17th century, they were introduced as houseplants in Europe. But Tradescantia albiflora 'Nanouk' was developed in 2012 in The Netherlands with the goal of creating a variety of Tradescantia that grows vigorously, is hardy, and has beautiful and distinct leaf coloration. You can read more here.

'Nanouk' have thick leaves that allow them to store water better than most Tradescantia varieties. The thick leaves also allow them to hold up to direct sun exposure. This is fantastic because bright light intensifies their leaf color and promotes tiny, white, and utterly adorable flowers to bloom.

Due to their color, 'Nanouk' may also be referred to as 'Tradescantia albiflora 'Bubblegum'. Some will argue that 'Bubblegum' is actually the nickname for Tradescantia albiflora 'Lilac', which looks very similar to 'Nanouk' and was created earlier. There is controversy over 'Nanouk' ripping off 'Lilac', which you can read about here, but the houseplant hobby world has enough drama. So let's move on and agree that all pink Tradescantia, including 'Pink Panther', 'Lilac', 'Lavender', and 'Rainbow', are all beautiful.

If you would like to try out a 'Nanouk', they’re pretty much always in the store since we love them so much! They are striking when paired with a simple white pot or a solid color pot in the cyan color group. (Between green and blue and a Green Lady Gardens favorite.) I mean, just look at this slideshow!

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