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Arrowhead Vine Care

Arrowhead vine (Syngonium podophyllum) are quick growing and low maintenance plants with striking foliage that comes in various colors like white, green, and pink. Along with color they have different patterns that are sure to call attention. These vining plants are native to tropical rainforests in southern Mexico, West Indies, and South America.

The nickname "arrowhead" comes from the plant's spade-like shaped leaves. As a young plant they appear bushy and compact with slightly rounded leaves. As arrowhead mature, they not only begin to vine, but their leaves take on a more pointy arrowhead shape. As they further mature, the leaf shape turns into a palmate (hand shape) giving it the name "five fingers." It’s a transformation a lot of us don’t expect!

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Low light, some drought, erratic care, small pots, fluctuating temperatures.


Medium - bright indirect. Proper light is necessary for compact and bushy growth. Too much direct sun = Scorched leaves. Too low of light = Leggy, foliage color fades.


Allow to dry 30-50%. It will also droop when thirsty. Overwatering = Yellow leaves, black and mushy stems. Underwatering= Yellow and droopy leaves that eventually turn brown.


60-80° is ideal but it's not picky if temps are lower or higher.


Arrowhead begin as a bushy plant but vine with age. If your arrowhead gets too leggy or if you want to promote bushier growth, cut it back. It will regrow quickly and vigorously. Arrowhead vine leaves change shape and leaf structure with age.

Soil & Repotting

Use a standard peat-based potting mix. Repot when watering frequency increases.


40-50% is ideal. Average household is fine.


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