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Rare Plants

The Exotic Houseplant Sale & Fundraiser in May was an astounding success. People keep asking when we will have the next sale. But it was a lot of work so instead of a large event, we will continue to uphold our reputation as the place to go for rare houseplants in Colorado by selling at least one new rare/exotic plant species a week. Plants will be sold either in-store or through an Instagram raffle. 


The following list & gallery is what we have sold or will be selling.

"IS" means sold in-store, "R" means sold via raffle, & past offers are marked with an 'X'. This list may change at any time.


- P. atabapoense (IS)

- P. barrosoanum (R)  X

- P. barrosoanum gianteum (R) 

- P. billietiae (IS)

-- P. 'Birkin' (IS)  X

- P. 'Black Cardinal' (R)  X

- P. Burle Marx variegata (IS)  X

- P. erubescens 'Pink Princess' (IS)

- P. gigas (IS)

- P. hastatum (R)

- P. mamei (R)

- P. melanochrysum x verrucosum (R) There will be two raffles on different dates.  X (Raffle 1)

​- P. micans (IS)  X

- P. 'Moonlight' variegata (R)

- P. nangaritense (R)

- P. 'Painted Lady' (IS)

- P. pastazanum (IS)

- P. plowmanii (R)

- P. 'Ring of Fire' (IS)  X

- P. rugosum (R)

- P. squamiferum 'Florida Ghost' (R)

- P. subhastatum variegata 'Balleroy' (IS)

- P. verrucosum variety (R) Even morning stunning than traditional verrucosum.

- P. warszewiczii  X


- M. dubia (IS)  X

- M. deliciosa variegata 'Thai Constellation' (IS)  X

- M. karstenianum 'Peru' (IS) More available spring 2020

- M. siam (IS) Looks like M. karstenianum but leaves are much larger & they split with age. Very impressive! 

- M. standleyana variegata (yellow) (IS)  X


- A. crystallinum (R)  X

- A. crystallinum x magnificum  3 available (contact at least one day ahead of time to ensure they are in the store)

 A. lentii (R)  X

- A. veitchii (R)  X

- A. warocqueanum “Queen Anthurium” (R)  X

- R. hayi climber (IS)

- R. tetrasperma (NOT tissue culture) (IS)  X


- H. australis 'Lisa' (IS)

- H. kerii albovariegata (R)  X

- H. obovata (IS) 1 6" available in-store now


- Sansevieria masoniana 'Whale Fin' (IS)  X

- Sansevieria variegated 'Whale Fin' (IS)  X

- Sansevieria dwarf 'Whale Fin' (IS)  X

- Sansevieria elliptica 'Horwood' (IS)  Fast grower with unique ruffled edge.  X


- Alocasia 'Pink Dragon' (R)

- Colocasia 'Mojito' (R)

- Epiphyllum anguliger 'Ric Rac Cactus' (IS)  Available in-store now

- Peperomia argyreia 'Watermelon Peperomia' (IS)  X

- P. bipennifolium 'Hammerhead Gold' (IS)

- P. 'McColley’s Finale’ (IS)  Available in-store now

- Syngonium podophyllum albo-variegatum (R)

- Syngonium podophyllum 'Confetti' (R)

- Zamioculcis zamiifolia yellow variegated (R)  X

How it Works

Plants will be sold in-store ("IS") or through an Instagram raffle ("R"). Each week's rare plant offer will be announced Thursday via Instagram @green_lady_gardens & on this page. The following explains the different sale methods. Other details, suggestions, &/or rules will be in each plant’s posting including quantity available & price. We are not releasing sale dates as that is determined the week-of.

Other less rare plants that are in high demand yet still difficult to obtain will be sold randomly in-store as special releases. These plants are also marked "IS". Special release may or may not replace each week's rare plant offer. It depends on a variety of factors.

In-store sales, when there are more than a few plants:

- Sales begin when the store opens at 11am on Saturday.

- You will pick out your plant in the order of arrival.

- NO line skipping or line holds.

- You may only purchase ONE plant unless otherwise noted.

- If you want to shop more, please pay for your plant first & we will hold it.

- Always do your own care & potting research as we may or will not have that information available.

IG raffle, when plant quantities are highly limited:

- To enter, follow @green_lady_gardens. You have most likely done that already. :-)

- "Like" the post.

- Comment with "ME" to enter the raffle. (Note: Heart emojis are not a method of entry but are encouraged to show your enthusiasm.)

- Deadline for entry is 6pm Friday.

- One entry per person.

- Winners chosen using a random number generator.

- Winners will be notified by/before Saturday morning. It is important you check your IG to see if you have won. If we don't receive a response by closing Saturday at 6pm, a new winner will be chosen.

- You may be sent an invoice for prepayment.

- We ask that your plant be picked up in person by closing Sunday at 4pm as we are closed Mondays & Tuesdays. If you absolutely cannot pick up the plant by closing Sunday, you will be sent an invoice for pre-payment & we will discuss pickup.

- First choice goes to first pick-up.

- No shipping

Special releases, less rare plants that are in high demand but still difficult to obtain:

- Can be announced at any day or time.

- Will be sold in-store.

- Quantities will typically be quite high.

- Does not replace the Thursday weekly rare plant offer.

No holds, shipping, refunds, or returns. We reserve the right to change the rules & plant availability at any time.