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Caladium Care

Their unique, striking, detailed, and highly diverse foliage will lure you in. Their delicate and sometimes almost sheer leaves will scare you away. In fact, we didn't carry Caladium sp. for a long time at Green Lady Gardens for that reason! If you shop here, you know we don't like to carry plants that we can't teach you about. That would completely defeat one of our three foundational pillars, education. (The others are ethics and experience. Check out our homepage to read more.) But one day they were just too tempting. We grabbed a few, did some research, gained hands on experience, and realized they aren't hard at all! Now we can't stop restocking them. They lure and they scare, but in the end they will be one of your most prized and rewarding plants.

Knowing proper care and what to expect with your Caladium sp. is key because they will go dormant each year. But don't be scared. We made this handy little slideshow to walk you through the process.

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