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String of Hearts Care

Though gorgeous, caring for string of hearts can be a bit difficult because of their small roots that are easily waterlogged. They also sit tight on the soil surface, which makes soil evaporation difficult. Learn how to get the perfect combo of care variables for a happy plant.

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Neglect, heat, drought, being root bound.


Water thoroughly when 100% dry. Root rot from overwatering = 1) Plump leaves with shriveled stems or 2) Squishy, translucent, or yellow leaves. Squishy leaves also occur when the top soil, where much of the plant rests, is damp for too long due to incorrect soil, light, or poor air flow.


BRIGHT indirect sun with a few hours of direct from a W or S window is ideal so the soil dries quickly. A large un-obstructed E window will work as well. Avoid extended direct exposure. Remember, sun intensity increases as you climb building stairs! Thrives outdoors in bright summer shade.

Soil & Potting

SOH come in indoor potting soil. This is needed in hot greenhouses for water retention, but isn't in our homes. If your plant is not in a very bright or hot location, repot with a mix of cactus soil & perlite, ideally in a small terra cotta Azalea pot. Keep the soil line high for increased evaporation & aeration.


Low. Do not mist. Do not put in high humidity or stuffy areas with little/no air circulation.


65° – 80°F. The higher end is ideal.


Cuttings are easily propagated in water or soil.


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