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Anthurium 'Flamingo Lily' Care

Did you gift or were you gifted an Anthurium andraeanum, also known as flamingo lily or painter's palette for Valentine's Day? We have you covered with this handy care slideshow!

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Drought, being root bound.


Medium - bright indirect sun. Too much direct sun will burn the leaves & flowers. Proper light is necessary to encourage blooms. Lower light = less flowers, leggier stems, & slower growth. Reduce light during winter dormancy.


Water thoroughly when at least 50% dry. Flamingo flower like to dry a bit between watering & are quite drought tolerant. So, when in doubt, do not water. Water by bottom soaking. Overwatering = yellow leaves. Underwatering = brown leaves, dried aerial roots, less likely to flower.

Soil & Potting

Peat based with aeration. Drainage is vital. Prefers to be rootbound. Flamingo flower have aerial roots on top of the soil (looks like an orchid) so those are not a good indication of when to repot. Instead, repot every few years when roots have consumed all of the soil. (Aerial roots that dry out indicate underwatering, a need to repot, or a need for increased humidity.)


Medium - high. Average household is fine but higher humidity promotes blooms.


Keep warm around 70° – 85° & 10° cooler at night & during dormancy. Keep from heat vents & cold drafts.


Blooms last about 3 months. To promote spring blooms, provide a 6 - 8 week period of winter dormancy. Dormancy needs = less light, lower temps, & drier soil. With proper care (incl. high humidity), your plant should bloom at least annually but may bloom throughout the year!


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