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Rhaphidophora 'Dragon Tail' Care

Rhaphidophora decursiva, commonly known by its cultivar name 'Dragon Tail', is an easy to care for, visual striking, and fast growing houseplant.

Leaves begin solid but emerge as split leaves as the plant matures. Eventually the leaves, which also get larger with maturity, take on an almost palm-like appearance. Luckily, R. decursiva care is nothing like a palms. These plants tolerate underwatering, low light, and average household humidity. But if you give it what it wants, it will grow very quickly. Various plant bloggers talk about how a greenhouse cabinet will give it the ideal conditions to thrive but, if you do that, it will quickly outgrow the cabinet. Guess you'll just have to get a bigger cabinet!

Note: Some people are incorrectly calling this plant Epipremnum pinnatum. E. pinnatum are distinguished by pinholes growing along the mid-rib of the leaf.

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