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Zebra Plant Care

Aphelandra squarrosa, commonly known as zebra plant, is stunning, exotic, and, we will be honest, high maintenance. But so are calatheas and most ferns, which we all still love, buy, and practice with. And unlike calathea and picky ferns, zebra plants are fairly resilient. Even if you lose every leaf, there is a high probability you can revive it. They also love being chopped back, which is a good starting over point. Best part, if you get it right, you will be rewarded with an epic bloom.

It helps tremendously when you get the correct care information before diving in to more finicky plants. We created this slideshow to provide just that because we know that with this info, a little patience, and some practice, zebra plant could easily become your favorite.

If you love calathea, you'll love this plant. If you don't love calathea, give zebra plant a try. It's worth it.

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Cover photo credit: (see slideshow for direct link.)

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