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Austral Gem Fern Care

It's hardy, adaptable, tolerates periods of drought, grows well in both bright and low light, and doesn't require high humidity to look good. Yes, I am describing a fern. Austral gem fern is an Asplenium fern hybrid created in Australia. Its thick and waxy leaves give it an almost fake look but those leaves are also what makes it one of the easiest and hardiest ferns (or even plants) you will ever own.

10 out of 10 would recommend as a core plant to put in your collection.

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Austral Gem is an Asplenium fern hybrid created in Australia. It adapts to most conditions & is one of the easiest & hardiest ferns you can own. Due to its thick & waxy leaves, Austral Gem tolerates periods of drought & doesn't require high humidity to look good. It is also sterile so it does not produce or drop spores.


In brighter light, water when the top soil is dry to the touch. In low light, allow plant to droop to prevent overwatering. Tolerates underwatering & brief periods of drought due to waxy coating on thick leaves. Overwatering = Wilts & does not recover. Due to tolerance for dry conditions, when in doubt, don't water.


Medium - bright indirect is ideal but does great in low light & offices. Will scorch & drop leaves in direct or intense sun.

Soil & Repotting

Prefers rich & acidic soil so aim for a peat based mix. Increase pot size if plant constantly droops from thirst.


Fertilize once a month during the spring/summer. Dilute fertilizer to half its recommended strength. Too much fertilizer = Browns leaf tips.


Average household is fine.


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