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Polka Dot Plant Care

Hypoestes phyllostachya, also know as the polka dot plant, are eye catching plants with bright colors that come in different shades of pink, green, and red. They have the most adorable little spots!

Polka dot plants are native to Madagascar and easy care. They communicate their need for water by drooping, making them great for beginners or those who need plants to speak up when they need something. They can be a little dramatic though when thirsty so don't freak out if you go to bed with a perky plant and wake up to a seemingly dead plant. Give it some water and you can literally watch it spring back to life. Polka dot plants are also good for those who like to fuss with their plants as they need semi-regular pruning.

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Bright indirect - medium. Low light = Becomes leggy, leaves are smaller. Too much light = Crispy leaves, foliage color fades, soil dries out too quickly & plant health suffers.

Soil & Potting

Pot in well draining, nutrient rich soil. Pot must have drainage. Repot when plant requires more frequent watering.


Keep slightly damp but not soggy. Water when top soil is dry to the touch and/or when plant wilts. Wilting may be very dramatic but plant will spring back quickly. If soil is very dry, bottom water by soaking the pot until top soil is damp. Overwatering = Yellow leaves, loss of leaves. Underwatering = Wilted and brown leaves.


Polka dots tend to become leggy and need regular pruning to maintain bushy, compact growth. Pinch off flower spikes before they bloom.


Polka dots are heavy feeders. Fertilize 1x/month during spring/summer or use worm castings year around. (Our preferred method of fertilizing.)


70°F - 80°F is ideal. Avoid temps lower than 50°F.


50% or higher is ideal. Average household humidity is usually fine but watch for brown leaf tips, especially in the winter. Increase humidity with a humidifier or pebble tray.


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