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Pilea ‘Moon Valley’ Care

Pilea ‘Moon Valley’ (Pilea mollis) is one of the best forms of the Pan-American friendship plant (P. involucrata). Its leaves are a vibrant green with a unique deeply quilted that is reminiscent of the surface of the moon. Hence the nickname 'Moon Valley.'

The genus Pilea derives from the Latin word "pileus," which means "cap." This refers to the shape of the tiny, pink and green flowers that grow in cymes (clusters with a small stem) just above a cluster of nodes (point where a leaf grows from a stem.)

P. mollis maxes out at about 12 inches after 3 - 5 years, but can be regularly pruned back to keep it smaller and bushier. This makes it work great in terrariums and as forever windowsill plant in an east or north window, or a west and southern window with obstruction that will keep it out of direct sun. We especially love 'Moon Valley' because of how well its bright color & unique texture contrasts with other plants.


Some say keep the soil damp, others say let it dry. P. mollis is sensitive to overwatering so GLG suggests initially watering when plant droops. Increase frequency from there based on your household conditions. Overwatering = Yellowing, wilted leaves. Underwatering =  Wilted leaves, stunted growth, & faded, crispy brown leaves.


Bright indirect, but no direct from west or south window. Too bright = Leaves wilt & burn. Tolerates low light. If too low = Leggy growth, small leaves, prone to overwatering. 


Thrives in high humidity but does fine in average household conditions. Increase if leaves curl & brown.


65° - 75°F. Min. 50°F. Too low = Gray & browning leaves. Keep from AC, heat vents, & cold drafts.

Soil & Repotting

Standard peat-based potting mix that retains moisture but drains well. Add perlite to increase drainage if soil seems saturated. Repot when plant is increasingly thirsty. Doesn’t need repotting often. Ensure pot has drainage to prevent wet feet & to bottom water/soak if soil gets too dry.


Flowers are pink & green & tiny but rarely blooms indoors.  To promote = Bright, indirect light, high humidity, kept warm, & consistent watering. Pruning

Max size is approx. 12" in 3 - 5 years. Cut back to keep compact & bushy.


Leaves & stems root easily in water.


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