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  • Kelcie Scott & Jessica Schutz

GLG Paint & Plant Kits: Four Latino Artists to Inspire Creativity

We are so excited to have our DIY Paint and Plant Kits back for the holidays! Our kits first debuted during the spring shutdown to provide people with a joyful activity during total chaos. Most of us will be separated from friends and family this holiday season, which will be especially difficult for many. We brought our kits back so that you, and the ones you gift a kit to, can dig into the art of happiness in order to find joy in a colorful paint pallet and houseplant. We love the idea of gifting kits to family and friends, getting on a video call, painting together, and creating a unique memory.

Mural by Julio Mendoza

If you purchased a kit but are having trouble putting brush to pottery, these four Latino artists, including three from Colorado, are sure to inspire creativity and wake your inner artist.

If you haven’t purchased a kit, visit our Paint and Plant Kit page to learn more and place a preorder for store pickup on December 23. Orders must be placed by 6pm on the 22nd.

Ángel Botello

Botello was a Spanish-Puerto Rican sculptor and painter. While some of his work uses muted colors, he is known as The Caribbean Gauguin for his use of bold colors and depictions of island life in Puerto Rico, Haiti, Cuba, and the Dominican Republic. He was particularly inspired by, and produced over 10 years of artwork featuring, Haitian women. Botello is often quoted as saying that the light and bright colors of the tropics stimulated his creativity and opened him up to a whole new world. Thirty-four years after his death, he is still considered one of the greatest Latin American post-modern artists.

Mendoza is a Denver-based artist and muralist whose inspiration is not limited to his Mexican culture. As he says on his website, “His love for traveling and learning about other cultures and their customs is a big inspiration when it comes to [creating] art.” Mendoza is a self-described “lover of life” who “uses art with the purpose of improving the way people treat themselves, our animals and our environment.” You can find his murals ALL over Denver, including Cultura Craft Chocolate (who Green Lady Gardens knows and loves!), Revision Coop, and Dos Luces Brewery. We suggest scoping out his Instagram and taking a socially distance outing to see some of them in person for maximum inspiration. You can purchase Mendoza's art through his website.

Instagram: @jwlc_art

Martinez is an internationally acclaimed muralist, painter, and sculptor who was born in Denver in 1947. He painted his first mural at the age of 13 and has two pieces of art in the permanent collection of the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American Art in D.C. Martinez’s work is described as lively and timeless, yet serene. He enjoys doing site-specific public art, some of which you can find around Denver. Martinez also has a non-profit. The Emanuel Project is a visual arts program that provides inspirational, creative, and expressive experiences for at risk youth through the creation of murals with positive imagery. Learn more about Martinez.

Gutierrez is an artist in Longmont, Colorado who works in a variety of mediums but primarily produces paintings and ceramics. As stated on her website, “Her work often explores Chicana identity, animal/feminine connections, and small town existence. Embracing aspects of identity through culture and community builds a foundation of playful and sentimental narratives.” In a Boulder Weekly interview, she said, “By referencing my Chicana identity and pride for my Chicanx heritage, I want to normalize public and communal pride for my culture and show the beauty of our stories and traditions.” You can purchase Gutierrez's art through her website.


Green Lady Gardens proudly supports Latino artists by donating to relevant local non-profits, promoting a local Latino Artist each month on our website and on Instagram, and stocking Latino artisan products from fair-trade organizations and local and international Latino artisans. You can read more about our socially responsible and culturally conscious business practices on our website under "Ethics".

If you are a Colorado-based Latino artist or have one that inspires you, let us know! We may feature you/them as our Local Latino Artist of the Month. We are also looking for local Latino ceramicists to join our other talented artists in the store’s local pottery corner.


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