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Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day is a great time to show all the mother figures out there that we appreciate everything they do for us. Choosing the perfect gift can be a struggle. We've come up with the following recommendations to make it a little easier. Green Lady Gardens is full of colorful, fun, and unique plant related gifts for every motherly type in your life, from the calm to the quirky to the sentimental. Whoever your loved one is, we have you covered!

Lavender is great for moms that need a little peace from everyday chaos. Lavender flowers are known to represent purity, grace, and calmness. Purple is also the color of royalty and speaks of elegance, refinement, and luxury. We have a limited stock in store for Mother’s Day weekend. Pair it with a mini Mia pot, available in the three colors pictured and white.

For moms that love unique keepsakes, check out these handmade 3D paper plant leaves made by local artist, Elisabeth Grace. The reflective pink glow is truly unique! We currently have six in stock, each featuring different types of plant

Our bright buds vases are great for the can’t-sit-still crafty moms who always need to be doing something. Like scrapbooking or propagating cuttings, hopefully to give to you. These vases look adorable with a couple of fresh cut flower stems from the garden or, shhhh....., from your neighbors garden. No. Don't do that, actually. Mini bud vases come in various colors and sizes.

We have other animal planters as well, including colorful pigs, dogs, llamas, and elephants. We’re also stuffed to the bring with different cacti and succulents so you can find your favorite combination.

Iresine herbstii are great for moms who like uncommon plants that stand out from the crowd. Iresine is a gorgeous plant that will make a great addition to any summer patio. Just be sure to bring it in for the winter! Pair an Iresine with one of our granite colored luna pots.

For the moms who can’t stop caring, we have plants that will thrive on the extra attention. This includes Begonia maculata, zebra plant, Calathea "rattlesnake", and Tillandsia xerographica, all pictured. They require a bit more water and/or humidity than your average plant but hey, mom will be happy that her love is reflected in their beautiful foliage. We also have other varieties of calathea, care info for calathea and zebra plant, and a dozen types of air plants from an 1" tall to 12" wide. Pair an air plant with a cute holder, such as local pottery or the bud vases shown above! On a budget? Air plants start at $5.

Actually, one last thing. Don't forget the card! These gorgeous, detailed, and unique fair trade quilling cards from Vietnam are a gift in and of themselves. In fact, they aren't just cards. They are art! If your mom is more of the sentimental type, these cards look great framed. We have this whole wall of quilling cards to choose from, from owls to fireflies to words of affirmation, including some with messages in braille.

Too overwhelmed after all those recommendations? Can't make it into the store? Give a digital gift card and leave the work up to the Green Lady ladies. Mom can get the true "Green Lady Gardens Experience" of color, celebration, and customer service. We will make sure she gets the one-on-one attention she deserves by showing her plant recommendations, answering questions, telling her how to care for her plant, and making sure she leaves feeling full of love and joy. We love moms!

Open Thursday - Saturday from 11am - 6pm and Sunday from noon - 4pm.


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