733 Santa Fe Dr.

Denver, CO 80204


Weds - Sat: 11am - 6pm

Sun: 12pm - 4pm

Mon & Tues: Closed

30 minute store parking out front.

Hours may differ for special events,

including the first Friday of each

month when we open at 2pm due

to the First Friday Art Walk




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Denver's go-to houseplant boutique for

a vibrant one-of-a-kind plant shopping experience,

unique & affordable pottery,

comprehensive plant education,

& rare plants.

Green Lady Gardens®


The Expertise

Green Lady Gardens is changing the way you shop for houseplants.

"But I kill plants!" No. You don't kill plants. You've just never had the right one. No stores or nurseries help you find the right plant for your lifestyle & space you are trying to decorate. Plus, without proper & detailed care information to take home, you've only ever been set up for failure. GLG's founder, Jessica, is here to change that.


Jessica knows a prosperous houseplant relationship is based on 3 things:

1) Finding a houseplant that matches your skill level, care commitment, light conditions, & watering habits;

2) having healthy options to choose from; &

3) knowing proper care when you go home.

When you visit GLG you will use a one-of-a-kind assessment system to find houseplants that match your skill level & living environment. Then, you will choose a specific houseplant (or two or three) from inventory that was hand-picked for happiness & healthiness from a trusted local greenhouse. Finally, you will take home a unique care card for all or most of your houseplant purchases. You will leave confident & ready to have a prosperous relationship with plants.

Let your urban jungle grow!

The Experience

 Green Lady Gardens is a Latin inspired houseplant boutique built around Jessica's obsession with color. Jessica spent half of her childhood in Southern California where she was inspired by, & became obsessed with, Mexican design colors. She has lived in & traveled to a number of countries (including Mongolia, Guatemala, & Chile), which allowed her to compare how color is (or is not) incorporated into cultural identities. Ultimately, she determined color is practically absent from American culture & American's, some of the most stressed out people in the world, are missing out on the positive impact color has on mental & emotional well-being. Jessica, on the other hand, simply cannot live without color (or plants). For her, color breathes life. Jessica also noticed that a colorful plant store was missing from the industry. How could this be!? Even when a GLG storefront was a "that would be fun" conversation, Jessica had knew her hypothetical store would be an immersive experience of plants & color that created a heightened sense of happiness & inspiration. A random “For Lease” sign, a signature, & 8 colors of paint later, Jessica created that experience & GLG opened on 9/15/18. The Art District on Santa Fe, Hispanic organizations in the community, & people with Latin roots have been overwhelming delighted with Jessica's concept & execution, as well as presence in a community that celebrates Hispanic heritage & seeks to preserve Hispanic identity.


When you visit GLG, you will find a wide range of colorful & unique pottery, common & rare houseplants, handmade decor items from local & international makers, & houseplant related tools, accessories, & gift items. Step into GLG & you will experience pure joy, inspiration, & enthusiasm. Brought to you by plants & color.

Rare Plants

Green Lady Gardens is known for selling rare houseplants.


 Nearly every week for the past 5+ months we have sold a rare variety either in-store or through an IG drawing. However, due to time constraints, we are ending the weekly offer.

We still want to be your go-to store for rare & hard-to-find plants so there will be offerings from time to time & we hope to have one larger sale with multiple varieties every few months.

You can visit the rare plant page to see what we have offered in the past. 

"What a beautiful little gem this store is! The owner was super helpful, friendly, and knowledgeable about the specific plants and products she carries. She even went above and beyond and offered to help us order a specific plant we were looking for. 5+ stars! Definitely check this place out!"

"It’s hard not to love this beautiful shop and the friendly owner, Jessica. They offer a variety of indoor plants at fair prices. You will leave with a healthy plant and superior care knowledge."

"A wonderful plant store to fit all your house plant needs. The owner is very helpful, she will be sure to help you find the perfect plant! Bonus: there is store parking directly in front of the store which is super helpful in this area! If you love house plants as much as I do, Green Lady Gardens will be your new go to spot!"