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A houseplant & pottery boutique celebrating the joy of color.

EXPERTISE - We are changing the way you shop for houseplants.

Green Lady Gardens™ is changing the way you shop for houseplants. ​​ "But I kill plants!" No. You don't kill plants; you've just never had the right one. Most stores & nurseries don't help you find the most suitable plants for your lifestyle & living environment. They also don't provide on-site education or send you home with proper & detailed care information. As a result, you are often set up for failure instead of success. GLG's founder, Jessica, is here to change that. She wants you to be not just successful, but empowered. Jessica knows a prosperous houseplant relationship is based on 3 things: 1) Finding a houseplant that matches your light conditions, experience, & care commitment; 2) having healthy options to choose from; & 3) knowing proper care when you go home. When you visit GLG you will use a one-of-a-kind assessment system to find houseplants that match your skill level & living environment. Then, you will choose a specific houseplant (or two or three) from inventory that was hand-picked for happiness & healthiness from a trusted local greenhouse. Finally, you will receive on-site houseplant care education (if you'd like) & you will take home a unique care card for all or most of your houseplant purchases. Our goal is for you to leave confident & ready to have a prosperous relationship with plants. There is a plant for everyone. Let's find it together!

EXPERIENCE - We want you to leave filled with joy, empowered to own plants, & inspired to live creatively.

Jessica grew up in Southern California & spent a lot of time in colorful San Diego, a city defined by its Latino art & design aesthetic. Later in life, she traveled & studied conservation in various countries. Jessica found that she felt more positive, playful, & inspired in cultures, communities, & cities that embraced the use of color. The bright blue doors on homes in Western Mongolia, Aboriginal dot art in Australia, & vivid textiles in Peru brought her immense joy. As she collected these organically occurring moments of positivity & connection, committing to a life of joy became a core value.

When designing the Green Lady Gardens' storefront, Jessica’s goal was to spread happiness in order to spark, share, & spread joy. She did this in the best way she knew how - through an immersive experience of plants & colors. In many ways, the GLG storefront has become an artistic expression of Jessica’s personality. The store draws inspiration from some of her most vivid memories from her travels & studies, including the bold Mexican pottery from her childhood & the nature & colorful artisan textiles of Latin America.

When you visit Green Lady Gardens, you will find healthy & happy plants, a large selection of colorful pottery, unique home decor items, handmade items from local & international artisans, & plant related tools & accessories.

ETHICS - We are committed to socially responsible & culturally conscious business practices.

Since day one, GLG has been committed to socially responsible & culturally conscious business practices that benefit & show respect for the Latino* communities we draw inspiration from. Our business practices include: —Sourcing as many products as possible from fair trade organizations & local or international artisans. In particular, we source all Latin American products from fair trade organizations, Latino family-owned businesses, or Latino artists. Meet some of our artists. —Donating at least 5% of profits to non-profit organizations that address issues important to us. This includes environmental protection & social justice, empowering youth through the arts & environmental engagement, & supporting the Latino population of Colorado through programs that provide social, political, environmental, educational, & cultural benefits. In 2020, we donated over $2,000 in cash & in-kind contributions! View the list of organizations we donate to & inquire about in-kind donations. —Hiring a diversity & inclusion consultant for eight weeks to: 1) Lead justice, diversity, equity, & racial sensitivity trainings & discussions; 2) perform a cultural appropriation audit to ensure we have not & are not appropriating culture in order to prevent any individual harm that such a perception may cause; & 3) help us better communicate our business practices, history, ethics, & values.
—Sharing the joy & therapeutic benefits of plants with diverse students in Title 1 schools through the owner’s foundation, Primary Plants, a registered 501(c)3 non-profit. We are currently looking for schools & classrooms to collaborate with. Learn more about Primary Plants.
—Supporting & promoting Colorado’s Latino artist community by featuring a new local Latino artist every month. Learn more about this month’s featured artist. Being a member of the Art District on Santa Fe. We are always looking for ways to deepen our engagement with & support of this community that we call home. Contact us to explore collaborations. * We value, respect, & support non-binary individuals & the inclusive sentiment of “Latinx.” However, this term excludes the monolinguist Spanish-speaking community that does not recognize & cannot pronounce the word. After much research & discussion, GLG has chosen to abide by Spanish language rules & use “Latino”. Please let us know if you prefer to be called “Latinx” & we will gladly do so. We welcome civil discussion about this issue.


"What a beautiful little gem this store is! The owner was super helpful, friendly, and knowledgeable about the specific plants and products she carries. She even went above and beyond and offered to help us order a specific plant we were looking for. 5+ stars! Definitely check this place out!"