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Aluminum Plant Care (and other Pilea spp. varieties.)


Water when top of soil is dry to the touch. In cooler & more humid conditions, allow soil to dry a bit more. (Needs less water in higher humidity.) Underwatering = Leaves droop, brown, & fall off. Perks up when watered. Soaking is beneficial for very dry soil. Overwatering = Leaves droop, curl, turn yellow, & fall off.


Medium - bright indirect. Direct = Leaf scorch. 

Too bright = Leaves wilt & yellow. Soil also dries too quickly, which leads to drought. Tolerates lower light. If too low = Silver stripes fade, leggy & slow growth, leaves droop & fall off.


Leaves & stems root easily in water.


Fine in average household conditions if watered properly. Thrives in high humidity & requires watering less often. Low humidity = Drooping, brown & crispy leaves. 


65° - 80°F. Suffers under 55°F. Keep from heat vents, AC, & cold drafts.

Soil & Repotting

A standard peat-based potting mix that retains moisture but drains well. Add perlite to increase drainage if soil seems saturated. Grows fast & has a large & strong root structure. Repot if plant is constantly thirsty. Ensure pot has drainage to bottom water if soil gets too dry.


Leaf drop of older leaves around the base is normal. (They may fade & brown first.) Cut back thinned out stems to promote new growth. Cut back new growth to keep compact & bushy.


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