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Alocasia 'Polly' Care

Alocasia 'Polly', also known as an African mask, is one of the easiest Alocasia to care for. But, you still need to do it correctly! Learn how it's done in this post.

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Bright indirect. Too low of light = Wilting. Imbalance of light & water = Yellow leaf edges.


High. Do not mist! This causes leaf spots.


Keep warmer. Cool temps may cause dormancy.


Water when 20% dry. Prefers damp soil but is sensitive to overwatering. Finding a balance can be hard. GLG recommends watering with small amounts (to let bottom soil dry out) in between thorough waterings. Underwatering = Wilting, leaves yellow & die. New growth appears when proper care is established. Overwatering = Black spots & yellow edges.

Potting & Soil

Some say Alocasia should be in pots that would be considered too large. Others say put Alocasia in small pots. GLG votes for small pots because Alocasia are easily overwatered. Pot size equals plant size so upsize in the spring to a pot 2" diameter larger. Add perlite to your soil for increased drainage if overwatering is a problem.


Your plant may loose it's leaves in the winter & look dead if your house is kept on the cooler side or light quality decreases. It's not dead! It's just hibernating. Water very little or not at all during this time. Resume normal care in the spring when temps increase & days get longer. Leaves will spring forth!


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