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Ponytail Palm Care

Beaucarnea recurvata are commonly called ponytail palm because of its spunky hairdo. They are also Jessica's (owner of Green Lady Gardens) favorite plant because they are easy to care for and ridiculous to look. She smiles every time she sees one. Jessica has no less than 8 ponytails her house (one is nearly 7' tall!) and isn't opposed to adding more.

Even thought the ponytail palm is native to Mexican deserts, it tolerates low light quite well. Jessica has a lot of low light in her house yet ponytail are everywhere. Those in the lowest light get watered about 3 - 4 times a year. It's all in the soil, pot, and watering. This slideshow will help you figure it out.

Ponytail make Jessica laugh because of how silly looking and unique they are. Each one grows just a little differently than the next. The leaves might stand straight up from the top like Beaker from the Muppets or they might bush and clump like the plant has bedhead. Some ponytail have straight leaves while others have super tight and curly leaves. Some plants have skinny trunks, some are stout, some have a single stem, and some have offshoots. Ponytail are unique in ways that many plants are not and that makes them special. :-)

How can you not smile each time you see one of these silly plants!?

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