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Meet Kelsea Edwards and Jennee Evans aka RootedSisters!

RootedSisters are two sisters who just love houseplants. Kelsea and Jennee are the women behind RootedSisters. They were born and raised in Montana and moved to Colorado to explore a new city. While exploring the city, they stumbled upon a love for plants.

Who introduced you to, or what got you into plants? When?

We grew up around gardening and houseplants. We gardened with our grandparents every summer and fall. Gardening with them is one of our very favorite memories. Our grandma has always had houseplants, but we didn't really start getting them until 2019 when we started decorating our individual homes!

What was your first plant?

Kelsea - Bamboo and I overwatered it so fast. Jennee - Heartleaf philodendron for me!

What makes plants so special? How do they make you feel?

Plants make us feel so grounded. We love the process of watching them grow under our care.

Which plant in your collection would you save from a fire?

We each have dogs so we're gonna let the plants burn. Hopefully some of the anthuriums survive though ;)

On the flip side, do you have a plant that you kind of wish would just die? (Real talk.)

A few succulents outside could go.

Are there any overrated plants? How about underrated?

None! Whatever people like and can take care of, let it be their jam!

How many plants do you have?

We each have 100+ houseplants, mostly aroids and Hoya.

What is your advice for someone starting their plant journey?

You will kill some plants. It's all trial and error. Have fun and use your resources.

What plant tip do you swear by?

Propagate your plants! It's a cost-effective way to get more plants.

What plant myth drives you nuts?

That succulents and cacti don't need water.

What is your biggest plant fail or greatest accomplishment?

We are really proud of the friends we have made in the plant community. It is such a warm and welcoming place. Making our Instagram page has been such a light in our plant journey!

Do you have any wishlist plants?

Our plant wish list is forever growing. We have currently been looking for an Anthurium 'AOS' Dark form.

What plant describes you best?

ZZ Raven because we're black, beautiful, and resilient #blackgirlmagic

Tell us a plant story.

Every October we host a spooky plant photo challenge/giveaway. It's a way to interact with the plant community and show our love

for all things spooky.

If you’ve ever shopped at GLG, what did you buy and what was your experience like?

GLG was one of the first plant shops we went to in Denver! We each bought some pots and some philodendrons! The energy in the shop is so fun, and everyone that works there is such a joy to be around.

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All images are property of Kelsea Edwards and Jennee Evans.

Some content may have been edited for clarity.


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