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Esmeralda Orozco

Colorado Latino/as to Know and Support: August 2022

Esmeralda Orozco is a Denver based artist. She handcrafts jewelry, primarily earrings, in a wide variety of materials and colors. In addition to being an artist, Esme is a high school teacher of Chicanx studies. Check out her website!

Tell us about your artistic journey.

I have always gravitated towards crafts and exploring my creativity. My dad was a huge support of my artsy ways and when he passed in November 2019 I knew it was time to let art be a way of healing. Almost all of my jewelry is one of a kind and the same combinations aren’t repeated. I love that about my work.

What do you do outside of creating art? I teach what I love, Chicano studies at a high school level! I am a full time wife for fun, and I love spending time caring for my plants!

What kind of art do you make?

Earrings using wood, clay, brass and beads.

How would you describe your work?

One of a kind.

What is the purpose of your art? For example, do you create as a form of therapy, to convey a message, or simply to make something beautiful?

My art has been healing for me. I started this specific type of art after I lost my dad and it was the only time I would find peace within myself.


What moods, feelings, thoughts, or questions are you trying to evoke from your audience with your art?

Bold, powerful, grounded.

How is your heritage/identity/culture reflected in your work?

All the bold and bright colors show my Mexican Culture and identity.

Tell us a bit about being a Latino/a artist.

This is a non traditional route for me as a Latinx woman. I am a first generation student and the only one in my entire family to have a degree. In Latinx culture it gets hard to

understand that a powerful hard working person can also exercise their creativity.

I titled these "home land" because all we are and everything we have to take care of is our land to be able to have life.

How does your work comment on current social and/or political issues?

I think just wearing a Latina's artwork is already commenting on how women and specifically women of color do not get recognized for their work.

What do you hope the viewer learns or does after viewing your art that comments on these issues?

To find a piece of art work that represents them.

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