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Local Latino/a Artist

of the Month

- Yohel Yurivilca -

Yohel Yurivilca was born in San Pedro de Cajas, Tarma, Perú. He studied "Fine Arts" at the Higher School of Public Artistic Training in San Pedro de Cajas, Tarma, Perú. He specializes in drawing & painting landscapes, people, nature, & animals using a variety of styles & techniques in oil, acrylic, & pastels. Yohel’s desire is to support & build up the arts & art education. His work has been exhibited in Perú, South Korea, & locally at the Light Rail Gallery, Denver Art Society, & CHAC Gallery.


Tell us a bit about being a Latino artist or being in the Latino artist community.

Being a Latin artist means teaching the world what many people do not know about Latin culture & the Latin experience.

Address the use of color in your work.

Why do I choose for my work to be colorful? I love to use strong colors or pigments because I imply that nature and culture come first.

Title: Flower Harvest 

Size: 6x80cm 

Style: Acrylic on canvas.  

Description: Nature at the appropriate time comes the time to harvest flowers, the colors are a reflection of the life of nature.

Green Lady Gardens is all about celebrating the joy of color. Do you have any comments on the phrase "celebrating the joy of color?

"Celebrating the joy of color" has an important meaning for me. Thank God we have a sense of life that through light we see everything that surrounds us between nature and people.

What about the relationship between "joy" & "art." Do you have any thoughts when you hear these two words?

Joy is demonstrated through the art of living and Art is demonstrated through your emotional state.


Title: Oat harvest

Size: 60x80cm 

Style: Oil on canvas.  

Description: Women harvesting oats in hot seasons, this also satisfies their economic needs of useful.

Title: Selling flowers 

Size: 6x80cm 

Style: Acrylic on canvas.  

Description: Dedication to the sale of flowers after the harvest, humility.

Screen Shot 2020-11-29 at 10.02.34

If you are interested in purchasing or hosting a gallery of Yohel's work, he can be contacted at:

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All images are the property of Yohel Yurivilica.

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