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Interior Plantscaping

With a love for design, all things green, and setting people up for plant-parenthood success, interior plantscaping is our favorite!

Each plantscaping package begins with a consultation to assess your living environment (light, location of heat vents, room layout, etc.), get a sense of your aesthetic and style, figure out what plants best suit your lifestyle, and discuss your needs, vision, and budget. We can supply plants or plants and pots. Off-site we will repot or structure plants if necessary. On installation day we will install any necessary ceiling hooks or wall mounts and will put the plants in their places. Afterward you will receive an educational walkthrough and a detailed writeup of each plant's care.

Once you and your plants have settled in with one another we can do a follow-up visit for a small fee. We will do a plant health and wellness inspection, provide feedback and tips on plant care, give out high fives on a job well done, and address any outstanding questions, issues, or needs you may have. As always advice given in store, though email, or over the phone is free.

Plantscaping requires a minimum $1,000 pre-tax purchase*. Each "package" includes two hours of drive time, a one hour consultation, off-site repotting or plant structuring, and plant installation. After installation we will provide you with a plant care packet and do an educational walkthrough with you. Plants, pots, supplies, accessories, and additional consultation and drive-time are added up until you've reached $1,000. If the purchase total exceeds $1,000, you will be billed for the difference. If the purchase total is less than $1,000, you will be given a Green Lady Gardens gift card for the unused difference. (This minimum may increase based on a variety of considerations including but not limited to project complexity, site type (residential or commercial), and distance. A site-consultation may be required before your minimum can be determined.) 

Contact us to learn more!

Pop-ups & Events

Before there was a Green Lady Gardens storefront, there was a Green Lady Gardens tent popped up at art, craft, and farmer’s markets around the state. We welcome inquiries about events for private and corporate parties, fundraisers, and larger events like farmer’s markets.

Retail Display

Plants enhance a retail space, improve the customer experience, and increase sales. If houseplants are outside the scope of your business, caring for them, sourcing related products, and meeting high pottery purchase minimums (plus finding storage!), is a burden. As if running one business wasn’t hard enough! To make it easier, we can keep a well-stocked display of plants, pottery, and other items at your storefront. We value supporting other small businesses and we love to collaborate. So, let’s talk and get some plants in your shop!



We love working with local businesses and makers and would love to hear what ideas you have to grow our businesses together. Please email with your idea(s).

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