This is by far one of Green Lady's most favorite products.


True Grit is an abrasive soap paste that removes dirt, grease, grime, & everything in between without drying our your hands or leaving a film. Your hands will be picture perfect clean & soft every time. True Grit is made with olive, palm, & coconut oil, pumice, glycerine, & jojoba, & is scented with mint & citris essential oils. A little goes a long way!


Recommended use: Wet your hands. Scoop a little paste. Rub the gritty goodness between your hands. Dampen your hands under the faucet & continue to rub, exfoliate, & scrub your hands. If the paste feels like it's drying out, dampen again. You know the rest...

True Grit Abrasive Soap Paste

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