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No-water Floriculture Art

“Art is an expression of joy and awe. It is not an attempt to share one's virtues and accomplishments with the audience, but an act of selfless spirit. ”

David Mamet

Green Lady Gardens began as a floriculture art and decor studio that specialized in making no-water floriculture art and decor. Every piece was made with 100% real dried, preserved, dyed, and hand-painted plant materials but they required no water, light, or humidity to stay vibrant and life-like. These verdant arrangements were framed or installed in various containers, such as small magnetic spice holders, vases, terrariums, wooden bowls, or lanterns. The container scenes often depicted miniature people living life in various ways, such as elderly couple holding hands, a beekeeper, or a woman doing yoga. Jessica has made hundreds of pieces of floriculture art and has done a number of large custom orders, including two pieces for a condo complex in Santa Monica, CA.

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